Thank you Partners!

The generous financial support of these organizations and individuals is what allows us to undertake significant public awareness projects.

Business Partners


Non-Profit Friend

Individual Friend

Donald Baker
Barbara B. Bierbusse
John M. Dankkovich
Gary Dembs
Douglas Gross
Rebecca M. Herr
Joe Impellizzeri
Rick Kress
Stephanie Le
Peter Mendler
Stuart Raider
George M. Smrtka
Donna J. Snyder
David W. Sommerfeld
Sandra Kirtley Vanover
Matthew M. Wallace

Generous Gifts In Kind

Our partners list is continuously being updated, so keep checking in.

Conference Sponsorship -- Development Day

In-Kind Sponsors

  • Mitzel Law Group, PLC
  • Jane Alessandrini
  • Paula Rodriguez-Durant
    Paula Rodriguez-Durant
  • George Smyrtka
  • Jonathan Lowe
  • Kathleen Wentzel