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  • Dan Coleman, Detroit Symphony Orchestra (2016)

    "This program gave me a comprehensive overview of planned giving, running a PG program, and connected me with colleagues and mentors whom have helped me through many situations already. A MUST for planned giving officers new and seasoned!"

  • Eric Haven - Woodside Vision Foundation (2015)

    “I thoroughly enjoyed my mentee experience with PGRT. As a matter of fact, I wish there were more sessions. I thought the leaders did an excellent job; our sessions were lively and interactive. The company of other development participants was very stimulating. I have indeed made new friends through this process and am grateful to all for enhancing my experience of planned giving.”

  • Sulaima Rosen - ACCESS (2014)

    "The PGRT Mentor Program is wonderful! I expected an occasional meeting or phone call, but got so much more! The small group format allowed all to share questions and concerns in a room full of experts. In this rich and dynamic conversational space we were able to confortably explore the main areas of planned giving, and address the nuances of specific topics depending on each of our organizations. In addition, my one-on-one conversations with my mentor allowed me to put into practice some of the bigger concepts, while having personal guidance along the way. It is gruly a gift to have this kind of informative, professional support -- I am so grateful for this program!"

  • Rita Tinetti - Manresa Jesuit Retreat House (2012)

    "The only thing that disappointed me about the mentorship program is that it came to an end. I would love to have that expert support all the time. It gave me a lot more confidence in myself as a fundraising professional and also was a great means to get to know new peers and develop relationship that are very valuable."